Sunday, December 12, 2010

TwoPointOhLA SnowBall

Picture is from
so i was contacted by a friend of a friend who wanted 2 people to do hair and makeup "i will do a video on this as well" for an event it was for beauty blogers witch was so much fun. i was excited to do it. we were going to do hair and makeup and i was going to meet lots of people it was in down town LA beautiful place didnt really get to take much pictures i was doing makeup and hair forever... forever.. we took a small brake.. but like 20 mins
anyways i meet so many amazing people.
but anyways i had lots of funn.. ill post a few links i only got like a few bloggers sites witch i loved so Manny of them Hannah life book so cute cant wait to read it.
so yeah guys stay tune for the video tomorrow so u can see all the gogies in the gooddie bag..
here the links to the people who i got
she has info on the event
this is hannah loved her so cute and so nice..
she looks like she be a movie star so elegent..
and me


  1. Hey Tony!

    I stumbled onto your YouTube video and blog about Snowball.

    I was so ecstatic about my hair flair that I didn't even realize that I should have left a tip! Looking back, I can understand how that feels, and I hope that I'll see you around at future events so that I can show my appreciation for all that you guys do.

    It was great meeting you and Vanessa, and I heard you're a finalist for Matrix...good luck!

    Jess from

    To see more photos of Snowball, check out my website! =)

  2. Its okay we at the end didnt care much we had so much fun. and we got goodie bags that had alot of stuff so at the end it didnt matter.. do you go to the events alot? there so much fun i cant wait to atend another one?

  3. That's good you all enjoyed it! I go to a couple of the Two Point Oh! LA events but not as many as I'd like. They're awesome! =)