Monday, November 8, 2010

Spread the Love Questions.


Q. Why do you want to be a part of Spread the Love.
A. I want to be part of spread the love because i would love to just get the chance to learn from other people who love doing hair as much as i do. i would also love to see the world with people who do the things that i do it would be amazing for me to experice something like that.

Q.What does it mean to you to be a hairdresser
A. To me it means waking up in the moring knowing im going to the best job out there.
that anyone can have. because i get to make people feel beautiful every single day. Knowing that i can lift someones spirit up.. by doing their hair or just talking to them well i do it.

Q.What would your best friend say about you
A. my bestfriend would say that i am crazy about hair and everyting that has to do with hiar. They wou.ld say that and how i love doing what i do. that when we were y ounger her hair was the one i was always trying to cut or curl.

Q.Who is your biggest inspiration
A. my biggest inspration would have to be a family friend. because after going to school u get over doing wet sets all day long. SO wehn i woudl go with my mom to do her hair.. she would take me to her hair dresser and i would seehow he worked so fast.. he would do about 5 people in about 2 horus or less.. he did amazing cuts and blow drys and hes my inspiration.

Q.When do you feel most creative
A.i think i feel the most creative mainly after i see something. or when im alone. but most of the time im always trying to do someones hair. But after seeing someon have something crazy it makes me wanna do it my self. so all the time i would say.

Q.Where do you look to for inspiration
A>. i look for inspiration in films or videos music videos or anything like that books. My biggest inspiration would have to be to the hair styles they use to do in the 1920-1950 its the best they used alot less hot tools witch i think is so fun to be creating things.

Q.What is your favorite classic hair style and why
A.something like the 1950s because thats when they would really do there ahri they wanted to look amazing all the time. so i would have to say back than would be any style from back then. would be my favorit.

Q.What do you hope to get out of this journey
A. i hope to get so much ou of this i hope to get the understanding of hair more. how to do some things i dont know. i hope to get to meet all the amazing people who do hair out with celebs. i think i wanna travel all over the world. i would love to go to new york texas.. atlanta for the hair shows.

Q. you could have dinner with industry celebrity or icon, who would it be, and why
A.i  would have to chose two lady gaga and ken p he dose alot of celebs hair. hes young and it would be fun to work along his side for even oen day. so i would love to sit with both fo them.. lady gaga cause shes not scared to try this out.. so i would love to sit down with her. could make one change in the world, what would it be and why
A. i would love to change peoples view of what we do people think we dont work hard. but we really do they thin we chose the lazy way out. we dont doing hari has its hard points.. so i woud like to have people give more respect to all of the cosmetology people.

thank you spread the love.

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