Sunday, December 12, 2010

Gifts from the Snowball event.

This was our section were we got to set up we were just about to start setting up with all of our makeup and our hair prodcuts we were doing. Hair touch ups and makeup touchups and nail polish changes but than no one really got nail polish changes. they had the opi nail polis collection the newest one. so i had lots of fun as you guys can see in the picture on teh side.

In the picture you can see the stuff the gave us it was lots of the the girls site is called so much pretty .com so go look her up you guys so you can attend one of those events i knwo sehs having another event soon.

here are more things that we got in the goodie bags you can go to my youtube  channel to check out more of the stuff in details i wll be post a video up soon.

my youtube channels are

;all pictures were taken by me so they are mine.

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