Monday, December 13, 2010

Pretty LIttle Liars books.

 Pretty Little Liars

alight guys so how many of you watch the pretty little lairs show? I watched about one episode. and one episode covered everything thats in the first book witch is called none other than Pretty little liars. simple and fun crazy and long book i loved the book but. i dont really watch the show as much thats kind of why i just got the book insted but now that the new seassons coming on i want to watch the show.
Now for the book like i was saying the book well the first one covers what the first chaper in the first season episode does so thats knida of sad cause i wanted to get real in to it. but anyways i still read it. i read it from cover to cover. and i loved it i could not get enought of it i read it in one week. witch im srue some oen could have read it in one day but hey im a slow reader haha. so leave me alone! but i loved it when i finished i feelt stupid because i didnt have the second book so i had to order it online.. and i did. and i was stuck without reading the book for a few days.

so i finaly got the second book the shipping was so fast i got it in about 3 days witch i thought was soo good what do you think? anyways the second book is so much better it covers alot more i just got in on saturday and im already on the 15th chapter i read it every nigh before i go to bed or in between the day when i have nothing to do.. and yeah at first i was feeling like aria but now i tottaly can relate to hannah.. who do you gusy feel more like let me know down bellow or of you read or watch the show.

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