Wednesday, February 9, 2011

JuicyStar07 Makeup Girl.

Juicystar07 and or Blair F.
Well guys i wanted to make a post on Blair yes aka miss.Juicystar07 only for the fact that she is one of my favorite makeup girls on you-tube. her and her sister so i thought i would make a post on how i came across Blair's you-tube channel. From what i can remember i used to watch fafanetx33 i believe that's her name. and from her i came across allthatglitters21 channel witch is balirs sister now i did not know that they were sisters at first. I dont rememer exactly how i came across Blaris channel but i remember it being becasue of allthatglitters. So i came across balir and during this time i was going to beauty school and i had no idea how to do makeup. so after school i would come home rush to my computer/laptop and watch the videos that she would post up. and this was back in 2009. i used to watch them over and over again. i would watch at least like five a day. and i started to see how much balir started to blow up on youtube. So im really happy for her and her sister that they are getting really lucky. and if the rumrs are true about them getting a show im sure once they can talk about it they will tell us. so i dont care if they have not said anything i just love watching both of them and i wish them the best of luck on everything. 

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