Wednesday, February 16, 2011

For Those Who Forget The Past.


For those who forget the past.

Well well i guess i should post about beauty and perfection. But i realized that beauty is no longer part of being perfect or being beautiful like a goddess but being different being wrong. This post wont make any scenes its not made to im writing it to be wrong and not right thats why im posting it. 
But i wanted to post up random toughs that were in my head today. Like the fact that sometimes that boy still pops up in your head. and i sit and think how for everyone theres always that one boy in high school that boy who you wake up to go to school just to catch a glance of him. Hoping when you take that walk to the bathroom you will run in to him and he will say hi.. "when we know he wont" and we must learn to love our selfs before we love someone else because without loving who you are and everything about you. You cant love someone. so look deep inside you and love your self  for those blue or brown eyes that you have. for that short or long hair that you have. Love your self wake up in the morning and say you love your self. 
"could we fix you if you were broke" -Lady Gaga
but i will say one thing i did lean from reading my favorite books "Pretty Little Liars" you must never forget the past because the past will repeat its self. So if we forget our past or the past it will happen again so take a chance and change your future. Dont love just cause hes cute love cause theres love there. be cold and Heartless if you want because to stay happy in this life you have to be HEARTLESS sometimes. 

Remember to never give up but just to have your grad up because love is the closest thing we have to magic in our world. 

A girl who seems so happy cries on the bathroom floor.
A girl who seems to cope well, Cuts her self everyday.
A girl who seams so pretty throws up in the toilet.
A girl who seems so perfect, isn't. 

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