Monday, February 28, 2011

Coooocoooo over Chane.


alright guys so was on the website shopping online and i came across this peice of jewlery. When i saw it i feel in love 100% in love. and i said its probly like 2,000 dollars like everything chanel. and luckly it was not it was only 20 bucks. but iknow its not real its hand made but its so beautiful that i just had to get it. so i went out and saved up those tips from work and bought it. the other day now im waiting for it to come in the mail i cant wait. i have a thing for chanel because Chanel is just amazing. i think i will be getting a Chanel vintage bag soon i came across a few at my local vintage shops an so im going to starat saving up for it.

Who ever said guys cant have bags is crazy i cant wait to rock my Vintage
 Chanel Bag and also my watch    that i will be buying. i cant wait.

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