Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lose those extra pounds

Hello my blog spotters.
So todays post is about losing extra pounds.. im going to tell u what i did to lose about 20 pounds 15 to 20 pounds but this worked for me so maybe it wont work fo you.

But what i did is i stoped soda.. that helpe me out to get my fix i would drink a sweet tea. or a tea.

Number two i would get a smaller thing when i would go out to... a fast food place...
also i would try not to get fast food as much..

that helped me out i also drank alot of water..

now what im going to do.. is

work outmore cause i been going out for walks but i will start going on jogs and bike riding more.. to get more of a work out and i at least want to do it.. iwth at least... 4 times or 5 a week.. what haelps you guys out?

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