Monday, September 5, 2011

Elle and Blair Phone Case.


Hey everyone.
well i wanted to write a review on the Elle and Blair Fowler Phone Case line.
Well i only have one of the phone cases i have the hey everyone. This case i believe run about 19.99 American us dollars.
I got mine for free for attending the meet up that they had at the Beverly center. i  believe i was like number 76. Not sure but i made it.. first of all let me tell you that Elle and Blair were so nice not mean at all like everyone else was saying.

but were not here to talk about Elle and Blair were here to talk about the phone case. well the phone case was pretty good for the first few days than i noticed it started to chip allot!! alot.. by scratching and zo. but i was still okay with that.
than i noticed my iPod was not charging i was like whats going on with my iPod. than i noticed that the phone case was not fitted right for the charger and it would not charge it. so i would have to take the case off to charge my iPod. i think those are like the only down fall.. i don't thin that the phone case are to expensive i think there pretty good. also i love that the phone cases are so easy to take off and to pop back on.  Dont have any other comments on the case let me know if you have any question. are you guys getting any of them?
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  1. Love the new designer phone cases they've been coming out with. I'm looking through their new Summer Glow series of iPhone 5 cases, but still haven't figured out which one I like best.