Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The New Way of Extensions

Simply Extensions

Hi guys so a few weeks ago i was contacted by a companie who carries seamless hair extension. For those of you wondering what in the world is this seamless extensions. Well There the new way of doing extenions its a way thats not promoted as much as it should be. Since its so easey to do its as easey as ripping off a bandaid "NO PAIN". So anways back to the topic they told me i could go on there site and look at the colors and chose a color that i would like to try. So i did i went on there site and emailed Chris "one of the main people at the site" that i was interested in trying the shade 613 witch is alose known as Powder Sugar. The shades range in 9 different colors. So we had a phone converstation and they shipped me the hair extensions. I must say that they are very nice and alos the extenions shipping took less than a week i got them in i want to say about four days. So thats a big plus "since i know alot of us dont like to wait for things in the mail". So today i had my friend come over and we filmed a video on how to apply them you guys can see how simple it is to apply them. So you guys can check out the video down bellow and let me know what you guys think. i will link all of there infromation down bellow. 

Simply Extensions Web Site.

Simpley Extenions Youtube Chanel.

Items that come in your order kit.
1.5 oz hair
System Remover
Instructional How-To DVD


First Picture Cristina has the Simply Extensions on one side "were going for a highlighted effect".

You Can See the Extensions Peek out of her hair. 

Now you can see the difference the Extensions Make on our left side the hair looks brighter instantly by just adding the hair extensions.

The Back.

Here you can see the part line we made without any hair extensions the hair looks one color.

In this picture you can see we added the Hair extensions they do not look bulky. But the just look like a grown out high light. "since we don't want to add the hair to close to the scalp".

 A Close up picture so you guys can see how they look.

 Since the Hair is 100% Human Hair We curled it so you can see that the hair is real human hair. 
"hair we chose was wavy and it did hold a curl very nice".

I hope this was helpful let me know if you guys liked this post down bellow.

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