Friday, January 21, 2011

Crazy over Pretty Little Liars. =D
Hey guys so if you follow me on twitter lol i tweet random stuff so yeah. ill link my twitter down bellow. but yeah also you would know that im in love with pretty little liars. im on the 7th book right now witch is called Heartless i love the story line its so crazy. So many twist and turns the best i got to say. and also i wanted to upload a few things on here. like a hair tutorial and also that im loving the song. from OneRepublice Secrets so much. do you guys like that song? let me know down bellow. so hope you guys are doing amazing i will be posting lots more stuff today or soon.

So i wanted to talk more about Hanna since she is my favorite one of all the four. When i started to read the books i was really in to Aria. But slowly drifted away from here because if you really read the books and pay attention to the story line. You will notice that Hanna is the one that goes thorough more than all of them. Since hanna was the ugly duckling is what we will call it. She use to be the fat one with bad hair. and she turned in the the IT girl at Rosewood. witch is why i love her because i feel like her story is so much more approachable to many people. cause we all have insecurity's in our self's. but i would love to know whos your favorite pretty little Liar.

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